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The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is a county government agency that offers a full range of services beginning with in-home Early Intervention programs for young children and families to Service & Support Administration (SSA) for students through adulthood. Individuals with developmental disabilities can apply for these voluntary services at any time. If eligible, services will be provided using a person-centered and self-directed approach. 


The history of county boards of developmental disabilities began in the Ohio General Assembly, which created the boards in each county in 1967. Strong lobbying efforts of parents whose local school districts refused to enroll their children was a major reason for this legislation.  It was not until 1975 that federal law mandated that children with disabilities receive a free and appropriate education. 

Early on, services centered on campus-based programs; however, over the past 55 years, services have expanded far beyond what is provided at the agency. Today,  the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is seen as a leader in community-based and collaborative services. The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is no longer seen as an onsite program-based agency. The agency funds, authorizes, and monitors all the many providers of home and community-based services in Allen County.

Many rules govern the services provided by a staff of nearly 80 employees. The governing Board, which oversees operations, consists of seven community members; parents, a person eligible for services and other business professionals. The Allen County Commissioners appoint five members; the presiding judge of  the Allen County Probate Court appoints two. At least one member must be an individual eligible for services, and two must be parents and/or immediate family members of individuals served. 

Funding for operations comes from three primary sources: a countywide property tax levy, state and federal funds. As of 2023, the local tax levy accounts for 62% of funds needed for operations. These funds come from a 3.45 million operating levy and a 0.3 million capital levy which were last voted on in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

Our Mission:
Supporting people through strong partnerships and high-quality services. 

Our Vision:
​A community that recognizes the importance and potential of all people.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement:​​
Building a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture that encourages, supports and empowers everyone.

Core Values:


Customer Focused




Click below to watch a video created in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

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