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Interested in being entered into Allen County’s Database of Certified Providers?

If you are currently certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and would like to be added to the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities' Database of Certified Providers, please contact us. 

Additionally, If you are new to Allen County and would like to share information about your services/agency, please contact us to schedule a presentation at an upcoming Community Support Services meeting. 

For more information contact:


Karen McCullough

Medicaid Services Manager

419-221-1385 ext. 1036


Ella Allen

Kara Alsip

Dorothy Bailey

Melissa Barnes

Keirrea Brown

Deborah Burrell

Ellie Cecala

Sandra Collins

Josh Conley

Kathy Ditson

Jesse Frank

Kylie Fuhrhop

Vicki Gowan

Sara Hartman

Kelly Huber

Derrick Hunt

Amy Hobson

Rhonda Jarman

Cary Kellum

Janice Kentner

Jennifer Kessler

Veronika Knapp

Annette Lynch

Michael Melvin

Lauren Poucher

Pamela Sawmiller

Linda Schofield

Rachel Stant

Sarah Vogt

Christina Walraven

Renee Williams

Tashana Williamson

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