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What is FANS?


Friends, Allies & Neighbors (FANS) is a network of people helping people. FANS is a group of people who are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. FANS helps in a variety of ways, both big and small, because the journey of life is better when people help and support each other.


How do you become involved?


The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is looking for Friends, Allies & Neighbors to join the FANS Network.  There is no official commitment and no formal membership. To join, submit an email address to be added to the FANS email list. Various opportunities to participate will be sent.  Simply respond to the email. A person may choose to help with a single need, or become actively involved with different FANS initiatives. Examples may include: being a social companion, delivering furniture, cooking a meal, or becoming a sports buddy.  If a person has an interest or skill, it can be used to help others who also have that interest. 

                    To be added to the FANS email list, email

For more information, contact:

Tammy Delong 

Community Connections Specialist

419-221-1385, ext. 1008

Trois Parker

Community Connections Specialist II

419-221-1385, ext. 2254

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