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Individual Support Services (ISS) is a locally funded program that helps meet some of the unique needs of individuals eligible for services, birth through their lifespan. To receive ISS, an individual must be determined eligible for county board services and cannot be enrolled on a Level One (LV1), Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF) or Individual Options (IO) Medicaid waiver, or reside in a nursing facility. The ISS program has four tiers that are based on an individual’s age. Each tier has an annual budget that may be accessed for identified needs. Funds are based upon availability, and a waiting list may apply to this service area. ISS can assist with a wide range of services, such as respite, assistance for long distance medical travel, adaptive equipment, specialized items and home modifications. All services funded through ISS must be directly related to the individual’s disability.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Maenle

Individual Support Services Coordinator

419-221-1385 ext. 2051

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