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Happy 25th Anniversary, Greg & Barb!

Greg and Barb Fett are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on July 29! This is a milestone anniversary, and it’s even more special because Greg is healthy again. He spent a month in the hospital earlier this year, and Barb thought she might lose him. She told me she’s never prayed harder. Greg has been home for a while now, and we are all grateful for that. I had the honor of sitting down with the couple and hearing their love story.

Greg proposed in 1994, after asking permission from Barb’s mom and stepdad. They’d just gone on a date to Cedar Point. When he got down on one knee, Barb said “Yes, yes yes!” I asked Barb if she knew that proposal was coming, and she laughed. She definitely knew.

They set a date in July, the same month as both of their birthdays. They were married on July 29, 1995 at Lima Baptist Temple. Right after the ceremony, they were whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage. Their reception was at Old Barn Out Back.

I asked them to share their best advice or the greatest lesson they’ve learned in 25 years.

Barb said, “You’ll get in a lot of arguments. Just love each other. Put God first.”

Greg said, “I’ve learned how to treat her right.”

Barb added that she’s proud of their life and love. She said her best memories are just loving each other.

Please join us in wishing Greg and Barb a very Happy 25th Anniversary.


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