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We are never too old or too young, and it is never too late to do the things we dream of doing. Some of our life goals are small and some are much larger. Writing down our goals and dreams in life is often referred to as a “Bucket List.” Writing out our bucket list usually is an attempt to make our lives more memorable and meaningful.

Doris is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have met since working at Allen County Board of DD. She has set has many goals in her life and has her own bucket List, including living in her own apartment and making decisions that impact her life. Most cannot relate to those type of dreams as we take them for granted; however, for someone with developmental disabilities, these can be very important goals. Doris is a very resilient and determined person. For the people that know her best, it is amazing to see all she has accomplished in such a short time.

One of Doris’ lifelong dreams was to go to Disney World in Florida. In May of 2018, Doris traveled with Search Beyond, a travel company that assists people who may need extra assistance to take a vacation. Doris planned this trip for a very long time and was very excited as the time approached. This was Doris’ first time to fly in an airplane as well. When asked if she was afraid to go on the plane, she said, “not really.” (Doris is not afraid of much!) She said she enjoyed the plane ride to Florida and was glad it wasn’t too hot when she arrived. She noted that the temperatures did get too high while she was there. Her trip was 5 days long.

Doris shared many of the photographs from her Disney trip, including the one pictured above. Her favorite part about her excursion was getting her picture taken with the various Disney characters and getting their autographs. She also enjoyed making some new friends that were also accompanied by Search Beyond. Doris purchased a few beach towel souvenirs to remember her vacation at Disney and then saved the rest of her money to bring home. When asked if she would ever go back to Disney, Doris said she had a new item for her bucket list and that was to go on a cruise. She added that she was going to start saving for this now!

Until her next big trip, Doris plans on continuing to fill her life with events and people that make her happy. These include spending time with her family and friends and neighbors.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” —Robert Brault


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