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Technology First is an initiative of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to ensure that technology is considered first when planning services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

Technology is beneficial in many ways. For example, a person who needs support administering medication could use a medication dispenser to be reminded of the time. The machine will dispense the proper dose of medication. A person who needs a “well check” when arriving home from work could have a remote provider check in via video call using a two-way tablet.

There is a wide range of technology that can be used. Some examples include: stove sensors, automatic door locks, temperature monitors,  motion sensors, personal emergency alert systems, digital voice assistants, medication dispensers and many more.

Assistive Technology is equipment that is used to improve or help a person be more independent.  Remote support can sometimes be used in place of in-home staff. Remote support staff can be utilized to respond to emergencies or provide reminders without having to be in the individual’s personal space. Assistive technology equipment, such as a door sensor, could be used to alert a remote staff that someone is leaving or entering the home. Remote staff will then check-in with the individual. 

Technology can help people live more independently, reduce in-home staff, and help to ensure that people feel safe and secure. 

For more information, contact:

Sarah Burke

Service & Support Administration Manager

419-221-1385 ext. 2275

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