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2020 Partnership Award Winners

At the start of every year, we begin planning our annual Partnership Luncheon. 2020 was no different. Back in January, we had no idea what the world would be like today – on April 20, 2020. What a crazy two months it has been! We had to cancel the Partnership Luncheon, along with countless other events. While this has been hard, we are so very thankful that our staff and the people we serve have stayed healthy and safe.

The Partnership Luncheon is our opportunity to recognize the many partners we have in the community. Specifically, we choose seven individuals who’ve had a significant impact in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. We present these individuals with an award and a gift, thanking them for their contributions. While we cannot celebrate our 2020 winners in person, we still want to recognize them. And they certainly deserve it.

We now present our 2020 Partnership Award Winners. Thank you all for the differences you make.

Partner in the Community

Ty Shelby has been a volunteer with our FANS (Friends, Allies & Neighbors) Network since 2017, after a meeting held with Lima Young Professionals. Ty had an instant connection with a man who attended this meeting. Ty began inviting him to events and the two became fast friends. Ty has also been a big contributor to the annual Thanksgiving Feast Basket project. With his help and support, Marimor School was able to double the number of families blessed by these baskets last year. In 2019, Ty went one step further to help a family get a stove; he made sure it was installed, so they could cook the turkey they received. Ty then obtained a refrigerator for another family. When Christmas came around, Ty raised money for a family in need. Besides his work with FANS, Ty is very involved with Lima Young Professionals, a special club for men with unique facial hair, and beekeeper associations. He is the current president of Lima Noon Sertoma. Ty is the kind of neighbor we should all strive to be. He sees a need and figures out a way to meet it. Ty is committed to serving his neighbors and lifting people up, and that is why he is the recipient of our 2020 Partner in the Community award.

Partner in Employment

Dave Huckeriede has been a long-time supporter of individuals served by Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Over the years, Dave’s funeral home, Chamberlain Huckeriede, has provided countless services for individuals and families we serve. In 2019, he added to this list of support by creatively employing an individual who had a long desire for meaningful employment. Dave worked tirelessly with Capabilities and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to add many features that made the funeral home fully accessible. This group installed an accessible door with a remote control and purchased a new desk that accommodates the employee’s wheelchair; an adaptive keyboard with a headset and microphone and a new computer with cue cards were added. With all this technology, this new employee has become a valuable asset to the Chamberlain Huckeriede family. For his vision and leadership in employing individuals with disabilities, Dave Huckeriede is the selection for the 2020 Partner in Employment award.

Partner in Advocacy

David Bradley has been a member of the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities Human Rights Committee since 2015. He has excellent attendance and contributes to the overall important work of this multi-agency/member committee. David is a strong advocate for others. When David attends meetings of Just Do It Crew, Allen County Board of DD’s self-advocacy group, he is an asset and helps others by contributing positive remarks to the discussions. David has worked at Bob Evans since 2009 and Lima Pallet Company since 2011. He is a very strong advocate for community employment. David is dependable and considerate; his actions demonstrate his willingness to help others. He doesn’t just speak up for others, he encourages others to speak up for themselves. David joined the Marimor Industries Board in December of 2019. For all of these reasons and so many more, David Bradley is the perfect choice for our 2020 Partner in Advocacy award.

Partner in Education

Joe Wermert is a Special Education Supervisor at Lima City Schools, and he works directly with Marimor School. Teachers at Marimor School were asked, “Who would you recommend for the 2020 Partnership in Education award?” Without hesitation, one name was unanimously spoken. Joe Wermert.Students who attend Marimor School ultimately belong to their home school districts. They attend Marimor because their Individual Education Plan teams decided that Marimor School is the best learning environment for them. Joe never forgets this. At parent meetings, which often address difficult subjects, Joe takes the lead and treats students as Lima City students. All people involved feel supported by Joe. Joe is quick to respond to questions, bounce around ideas, and join staff on necessary home visits. We are proud to award the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities 2019 Partnership in Education Award to Joe Wermert. He is one of our best neighbors!

John Wilt “I Love My Community”

There is no doubt that Tony Grumblis loves his community. One of his favorite activities is watching the Shawnee Indians. He often attends Shawnee’s musical events to hear his nieces and nephews play in the band. He is always there to support them, in everything they do! Tony is a past winner of Marimor Idol. He is an active member of St. John’s Church. Tony would say that family and community are very important to him. Tony knows a lot of people in the community and a lot of people know him.

Tony has been very involved with Allen County Board of DD’s Project STIR (Steps Towards Independence and Responsibility) program since 2014. He is a trainer, as he likes to teach people the skills that he learned and wants to see people live their best lives. As a trainer, Tony presents the information, activities and skits, along with encouraging participants to speak up for themselves. When Allen County Board of DD needs help with special projects, Tony is always the first to volunteer. He helped film a video on “Rights & Responsibilities,” he was featured on billboards for DD Awareness Month, he helped film a holiday commercial, and he’s in a challenging video that raises awareness about abuse.

Tony is one of the most positive people you will meet and he always has a smile on his face. During the week, Tony attends Marimor Industries, where he is a friend to all. Tony is a shining example of the John Wilt “I Love My Community” award and epitomizes what it means to be a good neighbor. We are proud to recognize Tony as the 2020 winner of this award.

Partner in Service Provision

Dorothy Bailey has been an independent provider since 2017. In 2018, Dorothy made a big change in her services, becoming the Shared Living Provider for a young man. And it changed his life! Dorothy is knowledgeable about her role as a Medicaid waiver provider. She stays in touch with Board of DD staff and asks great questions, as services are always changing. She is a pleasure to work with, no matter how challenging a situation. As a provider, Dorothy is a caring friend who shares in the struggles, sorrows and victories of the people she serves. Dorothy knows them well and wants to help them be the best they can be. One family said “Dorothy doesn’t just work with her consumers; she shares her life with them. She puts great effort in to help her consumers progress in their goals and be happier, more productive members of society. When one talks of caregivers, the statement seems to always surface: ‘This is a labor of love.’ Dorothy is a true example of this. Dorothy doesn’t just provide services, she spends and shares time. Dorothy gives individuals the freedom to be who they are, whether it’s in the privacy of the home or out shopping or eating. Dorothy knows them, she learns them.” We are very happy to recognize Dorothy Bailey as our 2020 Partner in Service Provision.

President’s Award

The 2020 President’s Award winner is The Honorable Glen H. Derryberry. Judge Derryberry has been the Juvenile and Probate Judge since 2007. Prior to this appointment, he served 18 years as the Chief Magistrate of Allen County Juvenile Court. Judge Derryberry is a graduate of Lima Shawnee, Bowling Green State University and Ohio Northern School of Law. Judge Derryberry has been very active throughout his career in many local and state associations, also serving in leadership roles. He is a member of the Lima Noon Optimist.

As the probate Judge, he has played a critical role in guardianship issues involving Allen County Board of DD and those served. He has shown great compassion and kindness in administering decisions regarding individuals with disabilities. He has not shied away from tough topics or hard decisions. He is fair and balanced. This year, Judge Derryberry invited the Board of DD to be involved in a very critical situation involving the shortage of guardians in Allen County. In the final year of his final term, he has taken up the challenge to establish a long-term solution to the guardianship needs in Allen County. Judge Derryberry is worthy to receive the prestigious 2020 President’s Award for his long and dedicated career and his work with, and on behalf of, individuals with developmental disabilities.


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