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5 Reasons I’m A Substitute Educational Aide

Currently, we have a critical need for substitute Educational Aides at Marimor School. Our aides find the job very rewarding and love the flexibility. It’s a perfect complement to retirement or having their own children in school. We asked one of our very best aides to share why she likes the job so much.

You might be wondering why I’m a substitute, even though I’m officially retired. In other words, what am I thinking? Well, good question! Here are the top 5 reasons that I’m a substitute Educational Aide.

1. I no longer have to go to work. I come in when I get the call that I’m needed, and only if I haven’t already made other plans.

2. I enjoy the challenge. Marimor School has students who have interesting needs and present different challenges. It’s always a good day for me when I can help a student turn their bad day into a good one!

3. I still enjoy working, especially since I continue to work with students and staff who have been a part of my Marimor experience for the past ten years.

4. I am giving back and helping others. There is no better feeling then helping someone who needs your smile, friendly conversation, or support.

5. Last, but most certainly not least, subbing adds a little bit of extra cash to my pocket. That cash is always handy at Christmas time, and it contributes to the spoilage of my grandchildren throughout the year.

These are all great reasons Katie! Thank you for all you do to support the children and staff at Marimor School and the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities. You are the best!

If you’re interested in applying to be a substitute educational aide, you can find the application here!


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