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Art and Music Therapy

Have you ever listened to a song on the radio and felt a flood of emotions as it invoked a happy memory of your past, or saw a painting you just could quite pass because of how it made you feel? Music, paintings, sculptures, drawings… they are all forms of expression and while many of us can verbally express our thoughts and feelings there are those who just can’t find the right words.

Individuals with developmental disabilities, children and adults, often have deficits in intellectual and emotional reasoning and have difficulty expressing themselves verbally and need to find ways to communicate and express their feelings and emotions in another form. Art therapy – regardless of form – can help to empower individuals with disabilities through different forms of expression.

How does art therapy work? Depending upon the end goal, art therapy can help improve motor skills, memory, interpersonal skills and express feelings. Since every individual and their needs are unique there is no exact path to take when working with children or adults with verbal communication issues. Therapist will work with the artists to prompt them to get started, maybe offering a little guidance to help them work through their feelings or thoughts. If your artists are working in a group setting, this may actually help with social interactions and help develop social skills, trust and relationships.

We have been able to help our own clients express their creativity and give them their own voice through the Art Ability program. Formed in 2007 our artists have been able to raise awareness and given the an outlet to express themselves while being able to sell their art pieces to help generate income. Our studio serves as an avenue for our clients to create their masterpieces and learn how to build relationships within the community.

For additional information about the ArtAbility Studio or the services the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers, click here.


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