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Class of 2019: Congratulations, Taylor!

This year, we gathered to celebrate and honor Taylor Luma, our proud graduate of Marimor School and Bath Local School District.

Many of us have been around long enough to remember the ornery little boy that was quite the pistol. Susan Peters vividly remembers teaching Taylor to click his fingers during bus rides, just to help occupy him. We have also had the privilege of watching Taylor grow into not only a proud, caring young man, but a gentleman. What a testimony to his grandmother Diana, family, teachers and friends.

Staff was asked to describe Taylor. The list is amazing:




Nice young man









What great characteristics!

Taylor also cares for his family and friends. He enjoys being social and has a ready smile that puts people at ease. Taylor shares his feelings and has very good manners. He likes to be outside and has been a great helper while learning job skills.

Taylor has also been described as the strongest student of the entire school! His ability to lift himself into and out of his chair is nothing short of amazing. Plus, he is quite the dare devil. He is always up for a challenge, and there is nothing he won’t try. During Adaptive Physical Education warm ups, students perform a variety of locomotor skills. Some include walking forward, backward, running, and circles. Taylor is able to perform all these skills at the same time as his peers, without missing a beat. There isn’t anything he cannot do in his chair.

It’s obvious all of us are extremely proud of Taylor. We are so grateful for him. We wish his dreams come true. Knowing his determination, employment and fun will certainly be in his future.


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