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Congratulations Graduates

We would like to congratulate and introduce you to the 2016 Marimor graduates!

Meet Colt!

Colt Amstutz loves spending time with his friends at school, especially if they are playing video games or Wii Bowling. He is hard to beat at Wii Bowling. Some of his favorite activities at school included bowling and Bell Choir.

Colt enjoys going to the Kewpee, collecting cars and trucks and watching his favorite TV show, Transformers. He is an avid Ohio State Buckeye fan!

After graduation, Colt will attend Marimor Industries.

Meet Kylie!

Kylie Murphy is very active! At school Kylie really enjoyed the VSA Dance program and going bowling with her class. Kylie is a graduate of the Lima Allen Leadership youth program. She is currently a Venture Scout and participates in the Abilities Baseball league.

Kylie enjoys shopping, going to movies, listening to pop music and spending time with her friends. Mexican foods are her favorites.

Kylie participated in a job skills class at Marimor School. She served as an intern working at the Kewpee East. She will attend the RMS Life Skills Center after graduation. She hopes this provider will help to prepare her to work in the community in the very near future.

Meet Kailey!

Kailey Wright is a kind, sweet girl who has a great smile. She is full of energy and loves to spend time with her friends. She is known as a fashion style setter because she has an extensive shoe and boot collection and always has the latest hair style complete with color.

At school Kailey was the biggest fan of special activities. She had an enthusiasm level of ten when we spent time with the magician, various artist and residences, and at COSI and the zoo! She enjoyed dressing in costumes for Halloween and on Spirit Week dress up days.

Kailey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, shopping, playing games on her tablet and eating at her very favorite restaurant Taco Bell. She participates in Abilities Baseball and Venture Scouts.

Kailey is on an IO waiver. After graduation, she will divide her time between Bittersweet Farms and the RMS Life Skills Center.

Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy Schertzer loves games! He is a “You Tube” expert and can independently find what he likes by searching. His favorite school activities include using the computer, putting a special puzzle together and singing the Pizza Hut song. He enjoys dancing during music class.

At home he likes to play computer games and watches the Shrek and Sponge Bob movies. He knows many of the lines from the movie. He also enjoys listening to rock music.

Jeremy is a very compassionate person and is very kind to his classmates and to family members. He is rarely in a bad mood.

Jeremy will receive a level 1 waiver in June and plans to attend Bittersweet Farms day programming after graduation.

Meet AJ!

AJ Crawford really loves his family. He never fails to tell his parents he loves them and give them a kiss before he goes to sleep each night. And of course “Jake the Snake” is tucked in beside him. Jake is with AJ at all times. He has been a ‘security blanket’ for AJ ever since his sister Candace passed away 11 years ago.

At school he excels in Adapted Physical Education. He loves to play basketball and he is an awesome shooter! He also participates in the Abilities Baseball league. AJ also enjoys dance. He has participated in the VSA Dance group for three years.

AJ looks forward to his vacations in Florida with Kim and Christy. He is an avid Florida Gator football fan. His hobbies also include bowling, his train set and watching movies on Netflix and Youtube.

AJ participated in a job skills class this year at school. After graduation he will attend RMS day services.

Meet Cameron!

Cameron is a bundle of energy…he never stops moving! He enjoys walking outside, exploring and swimming. At school his two favorite classes were art and gym class. He created some beautiful art pieces. In gym class he enjoyed the scooters, shooting baskets and playing volleyball with the large ball. At home he also enjoys listening to gospel music, Michael Jackson songs and watching action cartoons.

The best thing about Cameron is his huge heart. He is very loving towards those who care for him and frequently shows this affection with a gentle kiss on the cheek or by holding your hand. He has a beautiful smile and a great laugh.

Cameron is on an IO Waiver. He receives services in his own home with provider Benchmark Human Services. His staff takes him to the park, the store and to restaurants. After graduation Cameron will attend Benchmark Day Services.


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