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Congratulations, Hanna – Our 2018 Graduate

Graduation is such an exciting milestone; everyone at the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Marimor School is very proud of our 2018 graduate. Hanna Duncan-Szekely won our hearts during her years at Marimor School with her contagious smile, fun pranks, and sense of humor.

Hanna enjoys spending time with her family. She really appreciates spending time with her brother, Brandon. At school, she was a social butterfly. Her classmates report she is very friendly and kind. She enjoys being a “girly girl” by getting her hair styled and her fingernails painted. Hannah’s favorite school activities included music class, art class, dance and playing catch with Mr. Don. Hanna really enjoyed playing the ball drums and other musical instruments with Miss Hope. Hanna enjoyed crafts like painting and other fun, creative things that were a little messy during her art classes. She embraced the fun at Marimor School’s special events, such as Track and Field Day and the “It’s My Turn” transition program. Hanna was always the life of the party at field trips when she visited Chuck E. Cheese, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the bowling alley and her Senior Skip Day trip to RMS.

Hanna is very determined. She is a young lady who knows what she wants. This awareness and confidence will serve her well because she has already started developing the self-advocacy skills that she will need to be successful in the future.

Everyone at Marimor School will miss Hanna’s contagious smile and zest for life. We know that she will continue to have the love and support of her wonderful family and friends. After graduation, Hannah plans to continue her training with RMS.

Congratulations to Hanna, the Marimor School Class of 2018!


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