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Meet our 2017 Board: Linda Lehman

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we’re putting the spotlight on some of the best volunteers we know: our Board Members! These seven individuals give their time and talents to support and strengthen our organization. Meet Linda Lehman!

1. Why do you serve on the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities Board?

As a teacher in the public schools for thirty years, I taught many students with special needs. Even before our daughter was born developmentally disabled, I admired, respected and enjoyed those special students. Teaching and raising a daughter with special needs has made me very aware of the tremendous effort these students put into learning skills and accomplishing goals. Sharing the joy of their achievements has made me want to do everything I can to enrich their lives and ensure their success and opportunities.

2. What do you like about serving? I enjoy working with such dedicated professionals who share my admiration and respect for the individuals we serve.

3. What is something you have learned about ACBDD that you want people in the community to know? It is amazing how many people devote their entire work day to supporting, encouraging, teaching, and caring for those with developmental disabilities. The number of services required to support individuals from birth until the end of their lives is mind-boggling. The people who provide those services are dedicated, caring, hardworking and deserve our utmost respect and gratitude.

4. If you could meet one person who has inspired you, dead or alive, who would it be? Mary Cassatt was a American woman determined to be an artist during a time when men ruled the art world. She studied in Europe, learned Impressionism and then painted what she knew best; women, mothers and their children. She elevated the importance of women as nurturers and teachers of children and earned the respect of art critics worldwide. “Women’s work” became important to society and respected through her paintings.

5. What was your first volunteer experience? How old were you, and what motivated you to volunteer? I was a Girl Scout for many years, and as a young scout our troop was very service-oriented. I remember volunteering to clean up parks, helping children with art projects or visiting the elderly as being “fun,” but I also liked feeling useful and needed by those we served.


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