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Creating a Smooth Back-to-School Transition for your Kids

It’s that time again! Back to getting kids to school on time. Back to finding the time to get your kids to all of the activities they need to get to. Back to long nights of homework and studying. Getting your kids back into “school mode” can be stressful for all family members. After a summer of fun and relaxation, it’s hard to get back to the routine you finally perfected by the end of the last school year. While you may get a little more “down time” when the kids go back to school, they are going to be thrust into a whole new school year with new classes, new material, and new teachers. It can be overwhelming for them! Here’s some tips to making your child’s transition back to school easier:

Be prepared. As you probably already know, being prepared isn’t as simple as it sounds. This is where getting back into that routine comes into play. Sit down with your child and come up with a set schedule and plan for each day. When everyone knows where they’re going and when, everything is much less stressful. Set goals for the year. Where do you want your child to be by the end of the school year? What do they want to accomplish? Write these goals down and check them off as you move through the school year. Give your child the sense of accomplishment they deserve!

Learn good study habits. Having to study for quizzes, tests, or exams is probably one of the most stressful and overwhelming things about going back to school. If you can help your child find a good study strategy and good study habits, you can relieve a little bit of this stress from them and from yourself. The better a studier they become, the less time you have to spend studying with them. Have a time set aside each night for “study time.” Use tools such as flashcards, visual models, and any videos that might be available. The key to studying successfully is be ahead of the game. Do not cram!

Get involved in the community. While getting your child involved in even more probably seems like a silly thing to set yourself up for, it will benefit your child in the long run. By getting your child involved in community events, school events, sports, or clubs, you are giving your child the opportunity to become more social, to become more confident, and to gain new friends that they may not have had otherwise. Inclusion in school and community events will give your child the great feeling of knowing that they are a part of something, and they get to share that experience with their peers. Talk to your child about the options that are available at their school. See what they’re interested in!

Find the right school. You may already be beyond this step, but it is one of the greatest importance. Make sure that you find a school that has all of the resources that your child needs. Research schools, talk to administration, talk to teachers, and talk to other parents. You need to get the inside scoop on all of the schools you research to ensure that you are getting the quality education that your child deserves.

Following these tips will help you and your child have a smoother transition back into the school year. Just remember that it will always take a little bit of time to get back into the school routine and out of the summer daze. Get your child on their way to achieving their goals this year and experiencing success!

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