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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

An inclusive work environment honors human rights principles; recognizing all individuals have unique talents and can bring value to the business. Those rights are promoted and celebrated as a part of a business or organization’s goals and culture.

An inclusive environment is where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, talents and skills are valued and the team is motivated and aware of the benefits inclusion can bring.

What are the benefits of an inclusive workplace?

  • New Talent, New Ideas – Teams with a diverse composition are able to pull from different ideas, perspectives and utilize multiple points of view.

  • Less Turnover – Showing support and value, will give employees a sense of loyalty. Feeling respected for difference rather than singled out will keep employee morale high and turnover low.

  • Larger Customer Base – Employees coming from different backgrounds and a company culture based on inclusion and fairness can be appealing to a wider market. Reaching out into different sections of the community, embracing diverse skills and experiences could allow you to tap into an entirely new market segment.

How can you create an inclusive work environment?

  • Examine your current workforce demographic – Delve into your different segments… who makes up the core of your employee base, what are their ages, gender, ethnicity?

  • Create policies/procedures – When developing an inclusive policy be sure you address bullying or harassment, disciplinary guidelines, training programs and fair pay.

  • Bring your employees on board – actively involve your current employees to encourage them to be a part of the culture change and to be champions for the change.

By building an inclusive work environment you are strengthening your workforce, empowering your team and creating a culture which reinforces and encourages diversity. Having a team who feels appreciated for their talents will in turn create employee loyalty. A strong workforce = a strong business, one your clients and customers will appreciate and value.

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