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Elijah On His Own

I’m so happy to get to reintroduce our friend, Elijah. Elijah was featured on our blog a few years ago, but a lot has changed since then. So I thought I’d share some of his recent accomplishments!

Since 2016, our Service & Support Associates (SSAs) and Quality & Support Services staff have continued full force with person-centered thinking practices and person-centered planning. Just to refresh, person-centered planning is the idea that people are working toward their desired life and we are balancing what is important to the person with what is important for them. Through conversations about what is important, Elijah has been able to accomplish one of his biggest goals: living on his own again.

Elijah had been living in a group setting with others until recently. During that time, he was able to get into a routine and learn to do many things for himself – which was important for when he was on his own again. Once he felt ready and the perfect apartment was open, he was determined to move out on his own. He had a lot of help from the people in his life and the FANs Network with getting items for his new apartment and moving in.

Elijah said that one of his favorite things about living on his own is that he has the opportunity to “take care of himself.” He likes that he still has some help from his Direct Support Professionals at RMS. They give him guidance on cleaning his home and help him with activities like grocery shopping. Elijah shared that he has enjoyed meeting his new neighbors and exploring his new neighborhood, as going for walks is one of his favorite things to do. Elijah is currently looking for a job and is anxious to start working. Elijah could not be happier with his apartment and how he has made it his home. He proudly shared with me that he bought a Christmas tree, and he’s so excited to decorate his apartment on his own. Elijah is already spreading his holiday cheer with everyone he talks to everyday. Elijah’s team of friends and the professionals who support him have certainly helped ensure he has what is important to and for him as he realizes his dream.


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