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Going to Graceland: A Dream Come True

A few years ago, Larry and David’s individual planning teams asked them what they wanted to accomplish most in their lives. Through the Person-Centered Planning process, David and Larry were encouraged to dream big – and that’s exactly what the brothers did!

When asked what their dream was, Larry and David said the same thing: they wanted to go Graceland. The brothers insisted that they go on this adventure together. Larry remembered going with his dad when he was a young boy, and he wanted nothing more than to go again with his brother. Larry and David’s support staff worked with them to save money and plan all the details, so their dream could come true. Larry and David looked at the different trip options available, and when one came up that was a birthday celebration for Elvis, there was no debate. They both wanted to celebrate Elvis’ birthday and see his house.

The brothers traveled with a group through Search Beyond.They spent the duration of the trip with other individuals and support staff from all over the country. Larry and David’s trip started with a flight to Memphis. Neither one had been on an airplane before, and both were excited to get away. When Larry and David arrived in Memphis, they first visited Sun Studios, where Elvis recorded his first album. That same evening, they watched a salute to Elvis’ music by the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. The next day, they traveled to Elvis’ birthplace of Tupelo, Mississippi to celebrate his birthday on January 8. The two were super excited about the giant birthday cake they got to eat during the celebration. (When we asked Larry and David what the best parts of the trip were, they both raved about the birthday cake.) Then, they returned to Memphis to enjoy the atmosphere of Beale Street, birthplace of the Blues. Larry and David enjoyed different foods and music while they were there. They experienced different shops and finally got to visit Graceland, which is what they were most excited about. When asked about Graceland, they couldn’t stop talking about how they got to visit as adults and be in Elvis’ house. They also had the opportunity to board the Lisa Marie, Elvis’ private plane.

Larry and David had so much fun on their vacation, and they would love to go back again! They enjoyed taking a break from their typical lives and going on a trip that was long overdue. Larry and David made new friends and were able to relax and recharge, as they got to celebrate one of their favorite singers and make one of their life-long dreams come true.


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