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Being a new parent involves new experiences.

Not only are you still figuring out things for yourself, but you’re responsible for making sure your little one is on track for figuring things out for themself too. There’s a lot to do as a parent, a lot to learn, and even more to teach.

Crissy shares her personal story saying, “As a new mom I worry a lot about my child developing on track, or that I’m doing something wrong.”

Unsure of whether her child was reaching the correct developmental milestones and that she was doing everything she could as a parent, Crissy called Help Me Grow of Allen County. Now a home visitor goes to Crissy’s and assesses the situation, reassures Crissy and her parenting, makes frequent visits, gives handouts with information about child development, and gives activities to Crissy that she can work on with her son.

Help Me Grow has helped Crissy in her new experiences. They are there for any assistance she may need, but they have also offered her the confidence she needs in her parenting abilities. But Help Me Grow isn’t only good for first time parents. If your child is experiencing developmental delays they offer help for your child and you to get them on the right developmental track.

Melissa explains why she called Help Me Grow and what they have done for her, “My fourth child, Gavin, was not talking and I was concerned so I called Help Me Grow for help. We now have an entire early intervention team helping Gavin develop his speaking skills.”

Help Me Grow has an early intervention program that works with your child in the area they are struggling and offers new information and strategies for you to practice with your little one. Help Me Grow can do just that, help your child grow and develop with the many services they provide. From home visitors to early interventions Help Me Grow gives you the assistance you need and helps you develop the skills and activities you need to help your child.

If your child is experiencing developmental delays or you need a little more help parenting, call Help Me Grow and let them help you help your child at 419-221-0014 ext.5149. To hear more about Crissy and Melissa’s experiences, watch this video Help Me Grow of Allen County and learn how Help Me Grow can help you.


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