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Marimor School 2017 Graduates

This year, five students graduated from Marimor School! We’re so proud of these five individuals, and we’re excited to introduce and recognize them!

Meet Aslyn, a funny girl who loves to gossip and loves the color blue.

Aslyn was our Cafeteria Queen, and she loved to hang out there. She loves to eat, but she loved her relationships with our cooks more. Aslyn attended preschool with our retired cook’s granddaughter, and the girls are lifelong friends. Aslyn loved to be invited to eat lunch with our current cook, Tammy Delong, to hear all the gossip.

Her favorite subjects were math and science. Aslyn was an active member of the Marimor School Girl Scout Troop, and she participated in VSA dance class and Tribal Sounds.

After graduation, Aslyn will attend RMS.

Meet Kaylynn, a sweetie and a big fan of Justin Bieber!

Kaylynn has a special bond with our cook, Tammy Delong. (They both love scary movies!) Kaylynn always enjoyed listening to stories about Tammy’s family, and she knew a lot of secrets from our staff. But she always kept them!

Kaylynn was very enthusiastic in class. She greeted staff and students each morning with her warm, bright smile. She used a Go Talk to answer questions about the worksheets she completed. Music was her favorite subject. She loves to listen to any music, but Justin Bieber songs are her favorite. She loved dancing with her classmates and she always stole the show.

Kaylynn also plans to attend RMS after graduation.

Meet Justin, a polite student and lifelong prankster (and quite the ladies’ man)!

Justin was a very active student. He participated in Bell Choir, Travel Choir and the Allen Lima Leadership Youth program. During his senior year, he participated in a job exploration at Kewpee Hamburgers.

Justin has grown into a role model for other students. He is helpful in the classroom, friendly and polite, and he makes students and staff laugh.

Justin is best known as a ladies’ man. He attended homecoming at an area high school and at Night to Shine. He is always the life of the party!

After graduation, Justin will be an intern in the Project SEARCH program at St. Rita’s Medical Center.

Meet Brock, our Bluffton Pirate who loves pizza and Kewpee pie.

Brock attended elementary and middle school in Bluffton. He is an enthusiastic Pirates fan! He was very excited to receive his diploma at the Bluffton High School graduation ceremonies.

His favorite day at home is Friday. Every Friday night, you can find him eating pizza and drinking root beer with his family! Our staff loved Brock’s curiosity; he was always asking questions! At school, he enjoyed using the iPad and watching the student News and Weather program. He was enthusiastic about completing his work sheets and answering questions about the News-2-You lesson.

Brock participated in Bell Choir, the Allen Lima Leadership Youth program, and job exploration at Kewpee Hamburgers.

After graduation, Brock plans to receive services at Bittersweet.

Meet Shannon, a creative and artistic girl!

Shannon only attended Marimor School during her senior year, and she made tremendous progress. Her favorite subjects were physical education, music, art and science. Shannon is very creative and has a real talent for painting. In the classroom, she enjoyed cooking activities, using the computer, using the iPad, and looking at books.

Shannon loves spending time with her family. She enjoys vacation, spending the night in hotels, swimming and walking outdoors.

Shannon will take a break this summer and then finalize her plans for the working world.


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