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This month, we asked the students and individuals we serve what they’re thankful for. We’re featuring some answers on our Facebook page, but we wanted to give you a chance to read all the answers. There are so many wonderful responses, and they’re a great reminder of how blessed we are! There’s so much to be thankful for!


Being able to volunteer – Seth

My family, my dog, goats, swimming, the outdoors, Sesame Street, and music – Kevin

Going shopping with my friends – B.

Making money – Tony

My friends, my wife, my family, my barber, Marimor, bowling, my brother and sister – LW

Turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, deviled eggs, orange jello, Keisha – Jennifer

Being able to attend Marimor and enjoy my days in Area 23! – Elissa

Turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, Christ, Thanksgiving, church, Pine group home – Greg

Blocks, home staff, good meals, workshop, family – Dirk

Grandpa giving me his clothes – Tyler

My friends, family, teachers and nurses, I am very loved by many people – Blake

Wifi, my mom, and fast food – Kolston

My mom who cares for me and loves me, my brother and my sisters – JoAnna

My family, school, my friends and Spongebob – Jackson

Mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets, coloring, my family, and school – DaQuan

School, Mom, food, a home, work, Tammy, rules, and cars – Jalen

My family, animals, and bugs – Nevaeh

Food, sports, friends, church, and family – Ja’mearion

Family, friends, school, shopping, back rubs, music, and hugs – Madison

JoAnna and teachers – Aysia

Family, videos, and friends – Reese

My family, friends, pets, and planet Earth – Jolene

My family, my school and awesome teachers, my new van, my Keto diet that keeps me healthy – Owen

My friends and family, mom and dad, to have a place to live, sleep, eat and play, my faith and salvation, people to love me and care about me – Stephanie

A new hip and my exercise program – Elizabeth

Good health, volunteers, our country, all children, helping others, care of the people – Jenny

My job, my dog, and the Friends of Leroy Brown program – Eric

The people in my life, Jesus, a house, money, things, my brother, a car. – Mary

Church, my brother and sister in law, my sister – David

Mom and dad, Nascar, my guinea pig, Jesus, and Marimor – John

My dad and mom, love, friends, games, television, dogs, and reading – Shane

Going to Friends of Leroy Brown, my family and my good life, my cats – Rachel

My sister, my home, RMS, and Beer Barrel Pizza – Raymond

Halloween, parties with friends, good days – Beverly

Family, a safe place to live, warm bed, food, pets, birthdays – Danielle

Family, friends, RMS, staff at home helping me – Jane

My mom and dad, food and friends – AJ

My family, bus driver, home – Alexa

My uncle, my family, my roommates – Barry

Warm weather, mom and dad, my staff, sunset – Cindy

Food, staff, mom and dad, my sister – Cindy

My staff, video games, my brothers – Josh

A house, my mom, and my roommates – Kathy

My family and dog – Laura

The police, my staff, Halloween – Steve

A nice home, food, friends – Darlene

Parents, my staff, my brothers and sisters – Vanessa

Family, friends, and RMS staff – Natalie, Brandon, Lina, Vicki, Rick, Robin, Sean and Janice

Friends, RMS staff, CRSI staff, We Can Too – John

My cats and my church, family and friends, God helping me to get better – Rachel

A nice staff and friends – Dustin

Mom, dad, nice staff – Aslyn

Friends, nice staff, roommates, a clean house, Marimor – Bobby

Family, friends, sister, brothers, mom, and dad – Ruby

Mom, Randy, Ryan, Michael, Lindsay, Haley, Sadie, Lucy, Penny Grandma, Dad, and Shelby – Alex

My sister, mom and dad, nieces, aunt, brother and friends – Karen

My dad, brother, dog, friends, food, and Melissa – Teresa

Family, friends, I have a good life, jobs, where my life is going – Summer

Dad, mom, love, gold, games, good books, a car – Shane

My staff, my friends and family, Luke Bryan – Brittany

Family, nieces, nephews, friends and ex-boyfriend – Carmen

My parents, my family, my friends – Rebecca

Family, my new nephew, staff, my cat – Kylie

Video games, transformers, Spiderman, family, and Sammy – Colt

My mom, Karen, Bennet, my friends and family – Kailey


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