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What’s Your Story? Meet David!

This year we have seen some big changes at our agency.

We have been working with individuals in our new Person Centered Planning system called Imagine. Here are some things that we learned are important “TO” David. He loves visiting with his family and friends. He values having long-term staff working with him. He loves checking in on his team members to make sure they are doing okay. If one is sick, he says he will pray for them to get better.

David loves earning a paycheck, staying busy, and being productive. David is a hard worker and has a great work ethic. He loves participating in summer picnics and holiday parties, being a part of Venture Crew and being in parades with them. David loves singing in the Marimor Idol contest every year.

We also learned some things that are important “FOR” David. He lives in his own apartment so he receives Homemaker Personal Care services daily from RMS of Ohio. They help him with grocery shopping, banking, medical appointments, and community activities. He receives nursing services twice daily from American Nursing. David receives Adult Day Support and Vocational Habilitation services at We Can Too two days per week. He completes assembly work and helps with office duties related to payroll for We Can Too employees. David recently began receiving Adult Day Support services at Goodwill Senior Services once a week. He enjoys camaraderie with fellow seniors there.

David has an SSA that he has worked with for several years. She helps him coordinate all the services he receives. David is enrolled on a Medicaid waiver and this helps pay for some services. The SSA authorizes these services, helps him write his individual support plan, and monitors his services. David can talk to his SSA about anything he wants or needs. The Allen County Board also provides the match money that allows for David to get the services he has in place.

When asked what David would change about his life, he said absolutely nothing! He’s content and wants to keep his life just the way it is!


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