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What’s Your Story? Meet Susan!

Susan is such a wonderful, fun caring person. Susan graduated while living in Flatrock, Ohio in 1995. She then moved back to Lima and into the O’Grady Group Home. Susan moved out of O’Grady Group Home and into her house in Shawnee in 2002. Susan lives with her two best friends. They are like sisters. Susan has worked at McDonald’s and Taco Bell in the past. She is currently working at Marimor Industries, Inc.

Susan is very active and loves to stay busy. She is a member of the LODDI board which is a non-profit housing corporation that provides housing for individuals with developmental disabilities. Susan enjoys camping, shopping, going on dates with her boyfriend, going to the movies and bowling. Susan has love and respect for her family and friends that is out of this world!!! Susan is living the good life!

Champaign Residential Services, Inc (CRSI) staff provide daily Homemaker Personal Care services for Susan in her home and community. Every day Susan has great people assisting her with taking care of her house, shopping, staying healthy, making meals, managing her money, and having lots of fun in her community. Susan enjoys attending Marimor and receives Adult Day Support and Vocational Habilitation services Monday through Friday. Susan has a lot of friends at Marimor and wonderful people who are there to lift her up. Susan has a Service and Support Associate (SSA) through the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities who supports and encourages Susan through every aspect of her life. Susan and her SSA have worked together for over 18 years. Susan is surrounded by people who are there to promote the good life and to help Susan achieve her potential.


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