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What is Service and Support Administration?

Service and Support Administration is a required service for all county boards of developmental disabilities must provide in Ohio when a person requests the service, and is found eligible.  The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities calls the employees who do this work Service & Support Associates (SSAs). This is another name for case manager. SSAs serve as the primary point of coordination, and work closely with individuals and families to identify needs and obtain the supports necessary to meet those needs.  This can be accomplished through community resources or through specialized services for people with developmental disabilities. SSAs then develop an Individual Service Plans (ISP) to address needs and outline services that will be provided. 

ISPs are driven by assessments and person-centered planning tools. ISPs describe the person’s needs, abilities, skills, what is important to/for the person, any risks, and services. The SSA helps the person and team to plan services and supports that accomplish outcomes that are meaningful. Once an ISP is developed, SSAs are responsible for monitoring the services and supports authorized in the plan to ensure services are being provided, needs are being met, and the person is happy with services and providers. 

The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities utilizes the OhioISP plan format which was established by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities in 2022. All county boards and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities are required to use the OhioISP. The purpose of the OhioISP is to provide consistency across the state in regard to assessing and addressing needs.

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