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Disability Employment Awareness

Employing a culture of diversity within your workplace, enables you to show you value individual differences and you truly can benefit from a non-traditional employee. Individuals with disabilities make up the nation’s largest minority group with almost over 50 million individuals. This number is huge and of those 50 million, almost 70% of working-age people with disabilities in America are not working. What can we do about that?

The Huffington Post made a great analogy. “Think of Stephen Hawkins. Fifty years ago he wouldn’t have been able to communicate. Today he is unlocking the secrets of the universe.” It’s time we as a society embrace differences, individual uniquenesses and look at someone’s disability secondary to what they can contribute based on their skills and talents.

Empowering people with disabilities to work and get off the sidelines you are helping to create a better, stronger workforce. Be creating an inclusive workforce you as company are able to reap the benefits, not only through governmental tax credits, but also by building a workforce appreciative of the opportunities given to them. Those employees who feel valued are needed will work harder and be more loyal to your business.

Many employment services programs are making it easier for employers to create that inclusive work environment. These programs can offer job coaching, pre-employment development opportunities, skills training and more. All to prepare individuals with disabilities to enter the workforce ready to perform at their best. Once employees are matched with an appropriate employer, job coaches are available to partner with you and your business to make sure your new employee is meeting their goals, understands the job requirements and is able to perform at a level you need to efficiently run your business.

Individuals who are looking for employment want to make a contribution to their community. They are looking for acceptance and a sense of normalcy and by having meaningful employment, and earning a paycheck they are gaining that confidence. You are helping to keep the workforce strong, empowering those who may need a boost and enhancing your own bottom-line & company morale.

To learn more about how the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities can help your workforce through our employment services programs call 419-221-1385.


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