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Meet the Employee: Trenton D.

Trenton has been employed at Mercy Health St. Rita’s for more than six years now. Trenton works in Nutritional Services, where he rinses dishes, loads and unloads dishwashers, takes out trash, and more. He loves the job because it’s never dull. He’s always moving and working, and his days are never the same. He’s glad to have good co-workers and the best boss, Jeff Shockey.

Like most essential workers, Trenton’s hours increased during the pandemic. His responsibilities also changed. He did more disinfecting and cleaning in the kitchen area, and there was more trash to manage because of the paper and throw-away products being used.

Trenton is back to his normal hours now. He usually works in the evenings, which suits him. Marimor Industries transports him to and from work. I asked Trenton about his next career goal, and he told me he’s very happy where he is. (Me too, Trenton!)

Trenton started at St. Rita’s as a Project SEARCH intern. He then hired into Central Processing, where he prepped and organized tools and sterile items for use throughout the hospital. He enjoyed that role, too.

After meeting Trenton, I am positive he could succeed anywhere! When we finished talking about his job, we bonded over a mutual love of coffee, his green thumb and my lack thereof, our pets, and Jimmy Fallon. Mercy Health St. Rita’s is lucky to have him!

Allen County Board of DD is proud to be a part of Ohio’s Employment First initiative. If you’re a potential employee or employer who’d like to know more, call Melodie Conley at 419-221-1385, ext. 2869.


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