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Meet the Employee: Dennis Cook

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Its purpose is twofold: to recognize people with disabilities as part of a team in their workplaces and to educate the public about employing people with disabilities.

ACBDD is proud of the many individuals we serve who have found employment in the community. One such employee, Dennis Cook, works at Sam’s Club as a merchandise and stock associate. Dennis has been employed at Sam’s Club for over a year. He stocks shelves, loads and unloads carts, helps cashiers, and assists customers on the sales floor. Dennis said the best part of his job is working with nice people. Dennis is a valued employee – his manager, Steve said that he has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with. Dennis greets his fellow employees daily and contributes to a positive work culture. Dennis is a willing employee with an excellent attendance record. Dennis’ job matters to him, and he takes great pride in doing it correctly. Having a job and income allows Dennis to pay his bills and save for future goals.

Allen County employers hire people with disabilities in a wide array of jobs for a variety of hours. Employment does not have to be full time; instead it should be a match of the skills, time and abilities that an individual has to offer. We celebrate NDEAM because any person who wants to work should have the opportunity to do so. People with disabilities gain confidence and independence as they work in their communities and earn money.

Historically, people with disabilities have a higher unemployment rate than people without disabilities. Despite the numbers, people with disabilities play an essential role in America’s workplace, adding to the economic success. “Ensuring that America’s workplaces continue to include and accommodate people with disabilities will be an important part of our economic rebound,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia.

Workplaces welcoming the talents of all people, including people with disabilities, are a critical part of the efforts to build an inclusive community and strong economy.


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