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Employees Are Not All the Same

Traditionally when hiring an employee for an open position or when creating a new position you are looking for that special person with just the right talents, just the right attitude and who will be just the right fit. We consider every potential employee’s skill set and what they can bring to the table. We accept those unique talents to elevate the organization or company.

Talents and skills come in all forms which is why when considering your next new hire, think outside the norm. Businesses which are inclusive of people with disabilities, can benefit from a wider talent pool. Additionally creating a work environment which is flexible and open to the talents of ALL qualified individuals can promote workplace success for everyone.

Disabilities come in all shapes and forms and shouldn’t be dismissed for their perceived hindrances. A physical limitation is not reflective of one’s creativity or intelligence. Transversely, one’s intelligence is not reflective of their ability to perform a task or job to the standard set by an employer. Job coaches are a great resource when hiring an individual who may have a learning or developmental disability.

Most adults with a disability want to feel as though they are contributing to their community, their family and are of value to society. Empowering those individuals will give them the opportunity to earn a living and build their self-worth.

Creating an environment which welcomes and celebrates differences not only benefits those non-traditional employees, but also gives your entire team the opportunity to grow. Like most people, those with disabilities are just looking for an opportunity. Many employment services programs can work with you as a business owner or your human resources department to help create the inclusive environment. They are able to provide the tools necessary for your employees to succeed, as well as help you and your team to make necessary accommodations or develop training sessions to ensure your workplace is working to it’s highest capacity.

The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers Employment Services to help those with disabilities develop the skills needed to be an asset to employers, as well as help employers with the process of hiring those with a disability. To learn more about how the Allen County Board of DD can help your business or organization call 419-221-1385.


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