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Employment Services – Building a Capable Workforce

“Every person has abilities, skills and talents to enrich the community and the people around us.”

~Ohio Employment First

Hiring an adult with a developmental disability not only fills a need within your workforce, but it empowers that individual to become a part of a community, to contribute to society and have a sense of purpose. Employees are building self-esteem, wealth potential and independence.

Unfortunately individuals with developmental disabilities are an underserved part of the job seeking community. Employment services opportunities can help guide the path to employment – for both the job seeker and the employer. The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities partner organization – Marimor Adult Services offers employment services to help prepare job seekers and works to partner with businesses to provide affordable, dedicated staffing to fit their employment needs.

Getting Started:

  • Job development programs help individuals to identify what their job interests may be and work with them to find a job which matches their skills.

  • Once the career path has been decided, counselors can help with the application process and provide interview coaching with the ultimate goal of securing a job.

  • Goal setting: vocational and work assessments provide an individualized, timely and systematic process by which a person seeking employment – with an evaluator – learns to identify and develop employment goals.

Landed the Job!

  • Job coaching, shadowing and facility tours will help make sure you are ready and familiar with the new working environment.

  • By providing training programs in the actual workplace will help the individual to learn necessary skills, work behaviors, interpersonal skills and work ethics.

  • Coordinators following along and support individuals and continue to check-in to make sure they are doing well in their new position.

Employer Incentives:

  • Loyalty – For some employees with developmental disabilities this is their first opportunity to work. They gain a sense of self through working and by doing something meaningful with their lives, they gain a sense of self and truly appreciate the opportunity afforded to them.

  • Hard work – There is an untapped potential with this workforce. Developmentally disabled employees thrive when they fully understand their job requirements. Job coaches help to train and familiarize them with their responsibilities. Often these employees are so excited about their positions they are working from the time they walk in until it’s time to leave. Having an excitement about performing their duties well and contributing to the overall good of the company drives them to work hard and complete their tasks to meet the standards and expectations of their employer.

  • Financial Incentives – A business hiring workers with a developmental disability has the opportunity to qualify for different financial incentives.

For those businesses looking to grow your labor force, developmentally disabled workers might be a good fit for the positions you need to fill.

“We all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanity matters more.”

~Bill Clinton.


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