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Keeping Work Safe for Nontraditional Employees

So you want to diversify your workforce? It has been said that a healthy workforce includes individuals with different abilities. Hiring employees that have different abilities allows you to cover all ground in your workplace. We have many qualified individuals that, if hired, will allow you to gain access to a new pool of talent. You can gain a new pool of talent with no extra costs and no loss of productivity. So how can we help you keep your workplace safe for our nontraditional employees? Here’s how:

Follow Along and Support

We will provide training, retraining, cross-training, and advocacy for the duration of employment for your employees. You don’t have to worry about your employees being untrained or unaware of all of the guidelines and safety requirements of your workplace. The biggest benefit to hiring our employees is that we will provide a job coach which will reduce your training costs. The job coaches will be present 100% of the time to train and ensure that tasks are completed properly until your employee has demonstrated they have mastered the job. You can rest easy knowing our job coaches have you covered. Our job coaches will ensure that your employees are doing quality work that meets or exceeds your expectations.


When there are job tasks that require a crew, we will provide supervision for these work groups. The employees work well together while under the supervision of one of our job coaches. This way you can be sure that your employees are safe and the job tasks are being completed in an effective and timely manner. You will not have to worry about assigning other employees to work with these individuals; other employees who may not be qualified to assist these individuals, or may not be well-suited to assist these individuals.


Transportation may also be a big concern of yours when thinking about your employees. You want to be sure that they can make it to and from their destinations safely with little worry for you. Transportation will be available to assist ACBDD clients to and from work for any shift. With us providing the transportation, you know you will not have to worry about absences, tardiness, unsafe means of transportation, or transportation in inclement weather. Your ABCDD clients will be there when you need them.

Workers Compensation and Liability is covered.

If anything were to happen to your ABCDD employees, workers compensation and liability is covered. This can be a huge concern when it comes to expenses for a business. You will not have to worry about these expenses if injuries, illnesses, or accidents were to occur in your workplace. We’ve got you covered!

Taking on employees that are nontraditional can seem risky and can seem like a lot of work, but there are many benefits to including them. Along with the benefits, we’ll make the transition of these employees into your workplace simple for you. Expenses and safety issues will not have to be an item on your list of worries. We will keep your employees safe while maintaining the productive, effective, and quality-driven environment that you are looking for.

Remember that you may contract with Marimor Industries, Inc. for the workers you need at your place of business. Working with the Employment Services, Marimor Industries creates opportunity for you and potential employees.


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