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Our First Video Resume, Featuring Corbin

The job market has evolved in many ways over the last few years. Employers are looking for individuals who are able to learn quickly, have work experience and, most importantly, demonstrate the capacity to become dependable and reliable employees. At the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities, any individual who wishes to pursue community employment is assigned an Employment Navigator. An Employment Navigator meets the individual wherever he or she is on the path to employment. Employment Navigators support and guide individuals as they develop skills, access employment services and progress through their job search, until they get a job in the community!

Of course, an imperative step in getting a job is applying. We’ve all felt intimidated or nervous as we sent our resume and cover letter off into the unknown. It’s hard for us to convey who we are with just a piece of paper, and it’s challenging for employers to get to know applicants, too. Employment Navigators and the teams they work with plan to help individuals overcome this by creating video resumes that effectively highlight each person’s skills, abilities and traits. The first video resume they completed is for the dependable, hardworking and awesome Corbin Martin.

Corbin has an outstanding work ethic, awesome family support and wonderful work skills. He began developing his job skills as a teenager, when he made the commitment to work independently in the community. Corbin is currently seeking a part-time position and, like most of us, was finding the application process challenging. Corbin’s Employment team spoke with him and his family about possibly creating a video to effectively portray all he offers to potential employers. Corbin’s job developer then created the video, and it’s now a part of the resume that he presents to employers. The video highlights all of the work he has done in his volunteer position at the American Township Fire Department. It allows potential employers to hear from someone who knows Corbin well. It effectively conveys all that he will bring to a position and the outstanding work ethic he consistently demonstrates. All who know and are fortunate enough to work with Corbin already know these things about him. Now employers will know the same thing, as soon as they receive his application.

We anxiously anticipate the position that we know is just on the horizon for Corbin! Our Employee Navigators plan to use this extremely useful tool for others who have chosen community employment as their goal. Please take a few minutes to learn about the many skills, abilities and strengths of Corbin Martin!


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