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Promoting Self-Advocacy

Marimor Adult Services focuses on Ohio’s Employment First Initiative, providing supports and services to individuals age 16 and over. Encouraging self-advocacy and participation in their community and offering skills development services, our programs can help to not only create diversity within the workforce, but can help to give individuals a sense of purpose and value.

Community Employment Services Often our clients may need a little more assistance learning to perform job duties or additional training. Our job development, training and assistance programs are provided for individuals within the business community. Our team provides on-going follow-up with community employers and transportation to and from job sites, if needed. Providing individual assessments can ensure individuals and employers are adjusting well to the position and the new employee.

Transitional Work Programs

  • Often we find students needs a little more than just classroom experience to prepare them for community employment. For students ages 14-21, transition services are offered through a variety of programs.

  • Project SEARCH: is a collaborative partnership with a local employer providing graduating seniors with disabilities the opportunity to work three 10-week internships to learn transferable job skills, practice professional work etiquette and improve their success in gaining employment.

  • Summer Youth Programs: offers a paid work experience for students who participate on supervised work crews, assisting 14 year old in learning transferable job skills during their summer vacation.

  • Career Exploration Camp: allows younger students the opportunity to learn about different careers through job exploration.

Marimor Industries The Marimor Work Center offers training and employment to help increase individuals skills development and focus on the need for community jobs. Individuals complete subcontract work and are offering opportunities to participate in enclaves at a variety of business throughout the community.

ArtAbility The ArtAbility Studio is located in downtown Lima to provide individuals with a creative way to earn money. By expressing their ideas and vision through art, they are able to sell their creations through the studio and their website. Art therapy is a great way for individuals with disabilities to share their feelings, emotions, and an outlet for those who have issues with communication and expression.

Adult Activity Services Alternative daytime/work activities are provided for adults with severe disabilities. This service encourages development of awareness of self, others and the environment as well as self-help skills, medical management, sensory stimulation and leisure skills through a wide variety of activities. Time may also be devoted to paid employment and training. Transportation is provided to and from the workplace.

Every disability is different and is a unique as each individual. We offer a variety of opportunities to meet the unique needs of our clients, the community, and the workforce. To learn more about the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities Adult Services programs, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to see how we can work to meet your needs.


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