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What’s Your Story? Meet Cedric!

Cedric began his services with the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities in 2014 for assistance with his work. Cedric works a few hours per week at the License Bureau Driver’s Exam Station. Cedric receives job retention/follow along to maintain his job but needs very little help, as he knows his job and does it well! Cedric is very consistent and never misses a step.

He began building his work skills through Employment Services/VR Contract services during the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ Summer Youth program and has continued to build his skills since then. Cedric has also been a part of Project Search since August of 2015. He has learned many new skills as part of this unpaid internship program at St. Rita’s. He was even offered a paid position early on in his internship but decided to not accept at that time. Cedric decided not to accept because he wanted to learn more jobs and skills that he would not have the opportunity to learn outside of Project Search. The skills he is learning will open many doors for Cedric.

His SSA, Tammy Zack, will be assisting Cedric with enrolling on a Home and Community Based Level One waiver this year. This will allow him to have ongoing supports for employment and he will interview providers so he can access other community services. Cedric would like to go places and do things with people his own age; his individual support planning team will be helping him check out ways to make this happen during 2016. Currently, Cedric spends his time with family but as a young man, he would like to have his own life too. He enjoys family get togethers, attending church, eating out, and going to the movies. He also has a love for music, and he enjoys bowling in a bowling league on Saturday mornings. Cedric participates in track and basketball as well.

Cedric is always in a good mood. He has a smile on his face the entire time he is working. Cedric is one of the most polite young men you will meet and takes his work seriously, understanding this is his responsibility. His parents did a great job instilling these values in Cedric and it shows in his work!


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