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Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the people who work with and support people with developmental disabilities and help those they work with to achieve their dreams and meet their needs. Someone can become a DSP by being hired by an Agency Provider or by becoming a certified Independent Provider with DODD.

DSPs provide supports in many different ways and in many different settings. This could look like helping someone to learn a new job, supporting them in their home with cleaning and meals, or even helping someone to get to doctor’s appointments, haircuts, or community events.

If interested in becoming a provider or are already a certified provider and are interested in being a part of serving Allen County, please contact Karen McCullough at 419-221-1385.

Support for Providers

The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is dedicated to supporting providers. 

CPR/First Aid: A full-time nurse offers monthly CPR/First Aid courses for anyone hired as a Direct Support Professional by one of the Allen County provider agencies or is an Allen County independent provider. 

Medication Administration Certification Class: An RN offers coordinates medication administration training and certifies professionals working with Allen County providers or is an Allen County Independent provider. 

Success Coach: During summer months a Behavior Support Specialist is dedicated to provide observation, coaching, and mentoring to DSPs when working with people who may have complex behavioral health needs.

Other Supports: remediation with billing issues, training on the Individual Service Plan (ISP) to independent providers, assistance with certification questions and so much more as the strength of the support system is wiht 

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